Letter D WardPllcThe GDPR mandates that companies implement an array of data security, privacy, and governance mechanisms across industries and across borders. Many companies will either need, or want, to retain a Data Protection Officer (“DPO”), who is responsible for overseeing compliance with the GDPR’s many requirements. But it can be difficult to identify an individual within a company with the requisite background and training to take on the responsibility of serving as a DPO while still performing their other duties. In addition, the substantial time and energy necessary to forge relationships with EU Data Protection Authorities can be an overwhelming burden.

Ward PLLC offers its clients a solution – outsourced DPO services. By retaining the firm to serve as its DPO, our clients are able to secure a competent, qualified DPO with the experience necessary to steer a comprehensive privacy program. The DPO Services include:

  • A comprehensive data inventory and audit
  • Establishment of a data security regime, including breach response and notification protocols
  • Direction of privacy practices and ongoing training for staff and leadership
  • Thorough reporting to directors to document progress and compliance efforts
  • Conducting Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)
  • Managing Data Subject Access Requests
  • Relationships with EU Supervisory Authorities
  • Oversight of data strategy implementation and ongoing review

These services, combined with the benefits of the attorney-client relationship, give clients the ability to candidly assess their data security and privacy compliance, craft a plan tailored to their needs, and have a qualified privacy professional oversee implementation.