Letter G WardPllc

The General Data Protection Regulation places substantial new burdens on businesses around the world. From privacy by design to mandatory breach notification timelines, the Regulation fundamentally changes the nature of privacy law. The standards are high and the risks of noncompliance are higher, with penalties of up to four percent of annual global turnover looming. The scope of the task is enormous, and good counsel is a must.

We provide our clients with a complete range of GDPR compliance counsel and advising. From simple legal analysis of a proposed

use for data to a complete data privacy impact assessment and advisory letter, we provide clear, competent advice on how to adhere to the Regulation. Successful data protection under the GDPR is a function of consistency, focus, and expertise. We provide our clients with all three.

Not every company needs a Data Protection Officer, and so we provide those services and counsel that best suit our clients’ particular needs, and develop compliance strategies that maximize the effectiveness of the tools and resources the client already has. Clients don’t want to reinvent the wheel to meet the GDPR’s standards, and they shouldn’t have to.