Privacy, Data Breach, and Compliance

Small and medium sized businesses have just as many compliance needs as large firms, but they often lack resources and subject matter experts. We use our deep expertise to deliver on GRC requirements with an eye towards reduced cost and the freedom to innovate.

Opening up the European Market

It’s not easy to access the European market without running afoul of GDPR or other regulations that control how data moves. We make the process simple: follow tested practices and build reliable systems to enable American companies to reach EU customers, and vice versa.

Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, and Web3

It’s not enough to pay lipservice to new technologies: businesses need to implement them in ways that make commercial sense. We unravel the complexity, and have advised on everything from ICOs to DeFi structures. And our experience in the regulatory environment means that our clients trust us to develop products that can scale, even as the laws change.

Data Breach Planning and Response

No one wants to be the subject of a data breach, but even the most secure companies can still be at risk.  The most important step is the one you take before the breach occurs — creating an incident response protocol and planning for the worst.  We create breach response and compliance protocols so that our clients always have a plan.


There has been an explosive growth in data-related litigation in the last ten years, with no signs of slowing.  Our deep experience in litigation allows us to seamlessly move from trusted advisor to zealous advocate, whether as a plaintiff or in defense. We can manage a case from inception through appeal, and tirelessly advocate for our clients’ rights.

Corporate Governance

Compliance requires more than lip service to protecting information.  Boards have affirmative obligations to engage meaningfully with data regulations and privacy law, or they risk regulatory or shareholder lawsuits.  We advise boards on how to make data security a component of their duties, and how to make their company smarter about data.