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Data Leverage Book

“We have a ton of data, we just don’t know how to leverage it…” 

Every company is in the same position. Awash in data and concerned about privacy, regulation, AI, and competition. We all have a ton of data, but now what?

The world is waking up to the need for data privacy and the importance of being transparent with regard to how data is gathered, analyzed, shared, and used. This means that it is both the most extraordinary time in terms of data and, simultaneously, it is the most perilous. How companies build their data partnerships and leverage the data they create and gather will be a defining characteristic of their success or failure.

This book is a combination of at least two very different perspectives. One author has been an entrepreneur and global data partnership creator for two decades. The other author is an experienced litigator and data privacy attorney who over the last decade has built a practice around structuring and protecting data.

We are also brothers.

Our long debates over the years have pushed us to lay out the two sides of data partnership strategies herein. We seek to present the balance between data growth and data access. The benefits of data partnership with intelligent constraints. The focus of necessary datasets over unnecessary data hoarding. We have found that most companies, regardless of size, approach their data strategy as an afterthought. When many businesses finally realize that their operational “exhaust” of data is perhaps worth more than their entire enterprise, or at least an asset that can be leveraged, they take notice and want to understand where to start.

Whether your company is global and fully data-aware, or you are just beginning to realize you need a data strategy, you need to take stock of your data partnership goals and measure those accordingly. We will outline the DataSmart MethodTM, a proven approach that will guide you to Identify, Value, Structure, and Protect your data assets.

The goal of “Data Leverage” is to educate and prepare you for what lies ahead, when access to your data, partnerships with others, and your ability to protect your data assets will ultimately determine your company’s success.