Top Takeaways from the IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2018

Top 5 Takeaways from this year’s IAPP Data Privacy Summit (#GPS18). We’ve heard from regulators, industry leaders, and specialists in every topic from facial recognition to ethical use of data. It’s an incredible event, and one that every privacy professional should consider attending – the swag ain’t bad either. Read More

🎧 E8 Podcast: Interview with Cookiebot CEO on Technical Solutions to GDPR Readiness

Do you have cookies on your website?

Of course, you do! [In fact, almost every website in existence utilizes cookies now]

With GDPR on the way, the time to come into compliance is now, and the Ward brothers are interviewing a great SaaS solution Founder and CEO, Daniel Johannsen.

Mr. Johannsen explains how Cookiebot can analyze any site and identify the necessary changes to be compliant while ensuring a great user experience. Read More

GDPR Countdown – 15 Weeks to Go

I was working with my son on his homework last night, and before we began, I had to look in his backpack to find a pencil. I assumed it would be a fairly simple task: open a compartment and there it would be. In fact, it was a ten minute exercise of sorting through a nearly unbelievable assortment of items. His bag included (I’m not kidding), about twenty small heart-shaped erasers (a Valentine’s gift, no doubt), eight medium-large rocks, five small rubber balls, a Highlights magazine, two handfuls of pine tree bark, the entire Narnia series, and a fruit roll-up wrapper. Which brings me to the perfect analogy for how companies treat data. Read More