Data Leverage: Unlocking the Surprising Growth Potential of Data Partnerships

We are proud to announce the release of our book, Data Leverage: Unlocking the Surprising Growth Potential of Data Partnerships.  This book, which outlines our approach to establishing partnerships, sharing data, and protecting data assets, is a single-source guide for what we believe the most important aspects of data management programs are.  We could not be more excited.

The book not only gives a complete explanation of the DataSmart Method, but it also provides real-life examples of data partnerships, examines the most common partnership models, teaches you how to understand potential legal risks, and gives context to issues like depersonalization, anonymity, and privacy.  This is our effort to provide a usable (and reusable) manual for finding value and growth potential in data assets and data partners.  We believe that this book will help you create new opportunities, find new partners, and protect your data assets — and there’s still the standard Ward snarkiness and movie references.

Data Leverage: The Book

Of course, if it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a small battalion of people to create a book, and Christian and I are very grateful to our editor, Josh Bernoff, our copyeditor Linda Pruessen, our layout editor Dick Margulis, and our cover designer Stephani Finks.  Their excellent work was invaluable, and Josh’s editing made the final product much stronger.

We encourage you to check out the book (which, did we mention, is available on Amazon?) and give us your feedback. We’d love to hear what works, what could be more developed, and which jokes didn’t really land (they’re likely mine, apologies.)

Thanks to all of you for reading our blogs, listening to our podcasts and now reading our book.  We hope that we’ve been able to add value to you and to your company this year, and we look forward to a happy and DataSmart 2019!

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