Augmented Reality and Nike

Okay, I know everyone is worried about retail store sales and store closings, and we should be. The thought of business locations closing sounds very doom and gloom, and to some degree, it might be. However, retail stores are also reinventing themselves in wonderful ways. They are embracing technology and immersive experiences, and someone just showed me a great example of that from Nike.

Here we see the Nike app that lets you pick a sneaker, and then place the sneaker on any flat surface so you can maneuver around the sneaker in 3 dimensions.

Now this type of experience has been demonstrated before, but the granularity of the image was astounding. I mean you can literally see INSIDE the shoe and the fibers when you look closely. For many, this type of Augmented Reality (AR) experience is exactly the next great thing!

I also recommend the LEGO version of this craziness.

Think of the computing power necessary to “place” an object in front of us. We aren’t very far away from truly “OASIS-style” interactions, are we?

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