Just Another Face in the Crowd

Jay recently attended a conference where this photo was taken. I was not at the conference and decided to see if I could play “Where’s Waldo” with him and see if I could spot him in the high-resolution photo.

Then I realized, “holy cow! I can literally see everyone’s face in this picture.”

Now, the reason this was both amusing and ironic is that this was a conference in Washington D.C. to discuss the world’s privacy rights and the upcoming GDPR and ePrivacy Regulations that will go into effect in May of this year.

So picture this, a few thousand data nerds and lawyers, all debating privacy and the right (or lack of a right) to privacy. All the while, someone is taking photos from a bird’s nest upstairs that can track each of their identities.

I quickly flipped the photo into my favorite drawing program, added a ton of custom “stick-figure faces” and, boom! restored privacy to this group before they knew they had even lost it.