Top Takeaways from the IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2018

Top 5 Takeaways from this year’s IAPP Data Privacy Summit (#GPS18). We’ve heard from regulators, industry leaders, and specialists in every topic from facial recognition to ethical use of data. It’s an incredible event, and one that every privacy professional should consider attending – the swag ain’t bad either. Read More

🎧 E8 Podcast: Interview with Cookiebot CEO on Technical Solutions to GDPR Readiness

Do you have cookies on your website?

Of course, you do! [In fact, almost every website in existence utilizes cookies now]

With GDPR on the way, the time to come into compliance is now, and the Ward brothers are interviewing a great SaaS solution Founder and CEO, Daniel Johannsen.

Mr. Johannsen explains how Cookiebot can analyze any site and identify the necessary changes to be compliant while ensuring a great user experience. Read More

E7: The DataSmart Method of Valuing Data Assets

Is your data valuable? Might be. Is all data valuable? Nope. How do you construct a data strategy that identifies what is valuable quickly so you can keep the good and dump the rest? 

In the second step of the DataSmart Method, the Ward brothers walk through a valuation approach to data assets designed to be done quickly. This ensures you focus on the data assets and partnerships strategies early on in your evaluation. Read More

Are you DataSmart? An Introduction to the DataSmart Method

“Are you DataSmart?” is the question we keep asking our clients and friends. Frankly, “are you datasmart” is the question that drives our entire practice, because we think it represents the intersection of data security, law, and technology. We want every one of our clients to be datasmart, because if you aren’t examining all of those issues and how they interact, you’re going to fall behind. 

So what exactly does it mean to be datasmart? Read More

E6: The Long Arm of the Law. Data Regulators

FTC, FCC, SEC, NYDFS, AGs… you name it, the acronym exists! There are countless regulators that are weighing in on Data Privacy. As #GDPR approaches and stories about data misuse or breach mount up, you need to know the regulatory players.

In this episode of “Are You DataSmart?” the Ward brothers discuss how each government, department, and even State regulator will likely be involved in data privacy and data security. Read More

Loose or Tight Fit? Data Partnership Strategies in Voice Solutions

If you don’t read The Information, you probably should start. 

Their recent report on Apple’s Siri and the struggle to help Siri’s experience improve is a fascinating dive into the pros and cons of an open ecosystem approach. For many companies like Apple, Amazon, Samsung, and Google, the desire to improve user experiences has to be measured against the impending chaos that can consume a project when “too open”. Read More

GDPR Countdown – 11 Weeks to Go

A client recently asked me what I think are the biggest risks for companies regarding the GDPR. I had to think, because the question requires a straight answer, and lawyer answers are rarely direct. The first answer is probably “it’s pretty risky not to know that the GDPR exists.” Brussels is not going to accept the “oh wait what is this?” defense. But even for a company that understands GDPR basics (data security by design, robust consent, transparency), the biggest concern I have is about data transfers – transfers from one company to another, and transfers from one country to another. Read More

E4: The Case for Data Security & IAPP Certification

In episode 4 of the “Are You DataSmart?” podcast, the Ward brothers discuss the balance between technology, policy, and execution of data security. The first two should assist with the third, execution, but that doesn’t always work out…

GDPR, ePrivacy Regulation, and the general topics of data protection require that you and your company take a proactive approach to data security and working with certified IAPP members may be a great way to get started. Read More

E5: An Introduction to Data Partnership Strategy

In the upcoming book, Data Partnership Strategy, the Ward brothers tackle the best way to create a comprehensive data strategy that positions companies for success with their data assets.

In episode 5 of “Are You DataSmart?” the Wards break down the initial starting points for every business when building their data partnership strategy. The ability to identify available data to any business across internal and external data sources is the first critical step in the DataSmart Method. Read More

Blockchain, Bitcoin and Some Serious Struggles Ahead with GDPR

It’s 2018, so we can’t go ten minutes without hearing the words “blockchain,” “Bitcoin,” or “Tide pods.” I only want to talk about the first two because, honestly, enough with the Tide pods, people. (Please end this meme, Internet).

If you’ve asked what Bitcoin is, someone has likely explained it to you by saying something along the lines of: “Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency based on blockchain transactions recorded in a distributed ledger and is, therefore, virtually unhackable.” That explanation brings on two follow up questions: Read More

E3: Are You DataSmart? Cookies, ePrivacy Regulation, and What’s Next

Cookies are amazing. Whether chocolate chip or the 1×1 pixel type dropped on your browser session. But GDPR and more specifically, the ePrivacy Regulation, have a lot to say about how cookies will be managed and used going forward.

And what about the business benefits? The ROI on re-targeting (that creepy advertisement following you all over the internet) has been shown to be really compelling. So how do businesses not run afoul of cookie usage! Read More

E2: Are You DataSmart? tackles the DPO, FTC, and several other TLAs

In our second part of an introduction to the legality surrounding data privacy, the “Are You DataSmart” podcast discusses the need for DPOs (or not) and how the FTC is likely to respond to some of the significant changes brought on globally by the GDPR.

Data Minimization is a concept alien to many organizations. The business theory around “keep all data!” has been very popular in the last few years and the Ward brothers introduce the natural tension between keeping data and staying compliant. Read More

How to Think Like a Data Security Lawyer (No, This Isn’t a Joke)

I love lawyer jokes, partially because they’re often true, and also because they’re often deserved. Not every lawyer is a shyster of course, and there are plenty who deserve respect, even admiration. But let’s be honest: no one would understand or laugh at these jokes if lawyers behaved like nurses or architects. That’s why they say that there are actually only four lawyer jokes in existence, and the rest are all just true stories. (Get it?) Read More